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Semi-auto 2229 / 2237

The all-in-one solution for all your liquid products, container sizes and shapes!


  • Clean filling

  • Long life

  • Excellent cleanability

Containers: from 100g to 60kg, 700 mm maximum height
Materials: PET, PP, PS, Aluminum, Glass, …
Outputs: up to 700 containers per hour (1l)

Pakmatic semi automatic bottle filling machine

New Design FC

Saving both time and money

Filling & Capping

  • Reduced Change-Over Time

  • Reduced Clean-up time

  • Reduced Tooling Costs

Containers: from 100g to 9kg, up to 200mm width, 300 mm height
Materials: PET, PP, PS, Aluminum, Glass, …
Outputs: up to 54,000 containers per hour

Pakmatic New Design bottle filling machine

Ultra Clean H2F

The good choice for chilled beverages

Filling & Capping

  • Modular and upgradable system

  • Chemical-free decontamination of caps

  • Optimal hygiene preserves food products quality

Outputs: up to 42,000 containers per hour
Containers: bottles

Pakmatic Ultra Clean bottle filling machine

Evolutionary RB

Versatile & evolutionary rotary filler-capper for all your liquid products!

Filling & Capping

  • Accurate filling

  • Long life

  • Excellent cleanability

Containers: from 100g to 60kg
Materials: PET, PP, PS, Aluminium, Glass, …
Outputs: up to 42 000 containers/h (1 L)

Pakmatic evolutionary RB bottle filling machine

Anti Corrosion RC

The long-term solution for corrosive products

Filling & Capping

  • Design unaffected by corrosion

  • Hermetic enclosure

  • Pressurization of electrical elements and mechanical drives

Materials used: polyethylene, polypropylene, titanium, hastelloy, stainless steel 316L
Outputs: up to  36,000 containers per hour (1l)

Pakmatic anti corrosion RC bottle filling machine

Aseptic SAS 5

40 years of experience in aseptic filling

Filling & Capping

  • Unique hygienic design

  • Robust and profitable solution

Containers: from 50 ml up to 2l
Materials: PET, HDPE, PP
Outputs: from 6,000 up to 48,000 bottles/hour (1l)

Pakmatic Aseptic SAS bottle filling machine

Semi Automatic Filling Machine

The budget semi-automatic bottle filling machine is a small and portable liquid filling machine for liquids and creams with a single nozzle.

Also, it comes with a choice of gear pumps 1.5L 6L or 10L dependent on fill size. As well as the filler can be operated as a continuous fill, single fill or on a timed fill and has the ability of two-stage filling.

  • Electronically controlled dose and pump speed adjustment

  • Repeat filling accuracy of +/- 0.5%

  • Complete nozzle range to suit all filling medias

  • Simple operation with fast product change over

  • Tool-free removable product contact parts

  • Fill volume adjustment without the need to stop the machine

  • Diaphragm pump option to suit hygienic applications

Pakmatic Semi automatic bottle filling machine
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