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Horizontal Flow Wrapper


The horizontal flow wrappers sets a new standard for flow wrapping technology and delivers tremendous value to our customers. 

Competitive Production Rate

With a single–jaw configuration, the machine is capable of 100ppm. With a twin jaw configuration, up to 200 ppm is possible.

The product ranges for this machine are:

  • 50–500mm long

  • 20–300mm wide

  • Up to 120mm tall

Flexible and Customizable Machine Design

The solid mechanical construction of this horizontal flow wrapper lends itself to easy cleaning and maintenance for hygiene requirements. There are also customizable options to include twin jaws configuration, a reel run-out sensor, misplaced product detection, and other flexible options to meet your specific production needs.

User–Friendly Controls

The horizontal flow wrapper is equipped with a panel–based control system with a 5.7-inch color touch screen. Independent temperature control circuits are incorporated into the control panel for the long seal rollers and sealing jaws.

Integrate into Your Product Line

With flexible, ergonomic design and easy–to–clean features, the flow wrapper is sure to be an asset to your production line.

Pakmatic Flow wrapping machine
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